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Dead Man’s Cell Phone

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Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times

This Sunday Night
February 22nd • 3pm & 7pm
Dead Man’s Cell Phone by Sarah Ruhl, Director: Pat Kight. The play was awarded a Helen Hayes Award for Outstanding New Play in 2008. It’s a quirky, surrealistic, hallucinatory and bizarre fantasy. A woman answers the cell phone of a stranger who dies in a café. Instead of turning the phone over to authorities she keeps it and takes messages from the dead man’s business associates, friends, family members, even his mistress. The more we learn about the man the more we realize he was a terrible person who loved himself far more than anyone else in his life. However, the woman’s imaginative reinvention of his character brings peace to his family.



Sarah Ruhl’s thoughts on dressed down or “poor theater”.


A Peek Inside Time Stands Still

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The Director’s comments on Time Stands Still









I’ve been a fan of Margulies’ plays for many years and am excited to finally direct one.

Our Baby
Our Baby





When I first read Time Stands Still it “knocked me out.” It’s a serious play, but at times it is very funny.

Safe At Home
Safe At Home






The play raises questions, but provides no answers. I’m interested in these types of plays.

Scar Face
Scar Face



The four characters are interesting people. Our impressions of them change over the course of the action. The characters contrast with one another as individuals. Also, the two couples contrast with one another.








To me, the play is a domestic love story. At the first rehearsal, I told the cast we’ll focus on the love and let other things in the play take care of themselves.


Auditions for W;t, The One Act Plays and Time Stands Still

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Happy New Year!  Isn’t it Romantic had two successful performances on the last Sunday of December so every reading will have two performances from now on.  Looking ahead to 2014 we will have auditions this month for Wit (performed in March), The One Act plays (April) and Time Stands Still (May).
Auditions are Monday and Tuesday Jan 13-14 in the rehearsal room on the second floor of the Majestic Theater.  We will start at 7:30 PM both evenings.
The dream of having more opportunities to perform in front of eager audiences while working with skilled actors is coming true.  Please support the other productions the way your production was supported.  We always need light operators and sometimes sound board operators.  Volunteer to help productions when you are not cast. Make this a true actor’s company.
Here is a character write up for Time Stands Still.
Time Stands Still
by Donald Margulies
Directed by Robert Leff
Auditions Monday January 13th and Tuesday January 14th; 7:30 PM
Performances Sunday May 25 at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m.
Time Stands Still focuses on Sarah and James, a photojournalist and a foreign correspondent trying to find happiness in a world that seems to have gone crazy.  Theirs is a partnership based on telling the toughest stories, and together, making a difference.  But when their own story takes a sudden turn, the adventurous couple confronts the prospect of a more conventional life.
Sarah Goodwin, late 30s – early 40s, a photojournalist, passionate about her work, intelligent, wounded by a roadside bomb.
James Dood, late 30s – early 40s, a freelance journalist, emotionally shattered after seeing a women and children bombed, once an idealist; now craves a conventional life.
Richard Ehrlich, 50 – 55, a photo editor, Sarah’s former lover, practical about his work, worrier, concerned, protective.
Mandy Bloom, 25, an event planner, guileless, emotionally open, trying to find her place in the world.
Note:  Mandy’s age is a major story element in the play.  This will be taken into account when casting the role.
Mike Aronson

Get Your Ticket’s Online For Isn’t It Romantic

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Isnt It Romantic Poster Come to the Majestic Theater in Corvallis Dec 29th and see the Readers’ Theater production of “Isn’t It Romantic” Judy Gordon is directing. Although some of the publicity doesn’t mention it, there is a matinee at 3pm as well as the 7pm evening performance.

Isn’t It Romantic is a coming of age story that focuses on the subjective nature of romance. Returning to NYC after college, Janie (Shannon McInally) and Harriet (Asia Lederer) want to be as happy in life, careers and relationships as their mothers are. Of course comedy ensues.

This is Judy’s first time directing anything at the Majestic and she’s loving every minute of it! She states, ” As  I work on the play, I’ve come to appreciate Wendy Wasserstein’s work more and more. Her writing is warm and witty and the characters are altogether delightful.”

Click here to purchase your tickets now.

Homegrown Oregon Christmas Memories

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Monteith House at Christmas in Albany, OR
Monteith House at Christmas in Albany, OR courtesy Monteith House Museum

Christmas in Oregon is adapted and directed by Robert Leff. The performers are Craig Currier, Stephanie Long, Derek Rice and Alice Tucker.

Christmas In Oregon was produced at the Majestic Theatre in 2009 and 2011. 

From left: Alice Tucker, Jane Sivetz and Claudine Dayton will reopen the Majestic Theatre with a retelling of Oregon Christmas stories both personal and historical this weekend. Bill McCarthy will also read. (Nancy Raskauskas | The Entertainer)
From left: Alice Tucker, Jane Sivetz and Claudine Dayton reopened the Majestic Theatre with a retelling of Oregon Christmas stories both personal and historical . Bill McCarthy also read. (Nancy Raskauskas | The Entertainer)


This time the show is being staged in the intimate Majestic Theatre Lab, so audience members will feel they are sitting in a living room hearing these stories. – Robert Leff

College Hill High School
College Hill High School

According to Leff, ” In this version of the show, the first act includes adaptations of journal and diary entries, personal memoirs, and newspaper articles from 1805 to 1901 and the second act includes adaptations of Corvallis Gazette-Times and the Oregon State Barometer articles from 1913 to 1945, family stories, and stories of Christmas memories and wishes written by students  in a creative writing class at College Hill High School at The Harding Center in Corvallis.  The two 1913 articles were add to the script to celebrate the Majestic Theater’s centennial celebration. He has also added six songs to the show.”

Leff said, “I’ve been a volunteer at College Hill High School for a number of years.  When the show was revived in 2011, I added a poem by a student.  For this revival, I asked students in Carol Griffith’s creative writing class to share their Christmas memories and wishes.  What the students wrote is tender, funny and moved the cast and I when we first read the stories.  The students have enriched the show.”

In adapting the source material, Leff has retained the author’s voice, but sometimes what works on the page does not work when read aloud. Read more about adapting material for the stage here.

Christmas In Oregon is a family friendly show, but some stories touch on sad events.  The show is suitable for children ages eight and above.